Wednesday, 19 June
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Didn't we JUST have a weekly sales meeting last week???

About MySalesDay

MySalesDay’s mission is to help you become the best sales professional you can be.

Through daily topical and actionable skill recommendations, MSD will help you create strong, repeatable habits that improve your selling performance.

Even though your job selling professional services is incredibly hard, you get up every morning with a burning desire to succeed and win.  No matter what you sell or how many years you’ve been selling, you burn to get into the TOP 10%*.  And as you know, staying in the TOP 10% requires daily discipline and the strategic repetition of good selling habits.

Remember and follow the classic sales mantra: manage your performance, not your results!

Michael Hess
Chief Seller Advocate
MySalesDay, LLC

“Better habits.  Better selling.”


TOP 10%: …in your company?  Of those in your competitive set?  Of all sellers… everywhere?  The TOP 10% represents the ideal – and attainable – performance level you constantly strive to attain, no matter how you compare your talents and skills.  You play to win, so play seriously and play to be in the TOP 10%.

About Michael Hess

Michael is an experienced sales professional passionate about sharing his experience and knowledge with striving professional sellers.  Michael enjoyed a successful multi decades run as a seller and sales manager before spending the last ten years running his sales performance advisory practice, Core 6 Management Advisors LLC.

Michael would love to hear from you about MySalesDay or any selling topic of your choice…
email him at when you so desire!  For general inquiries, email

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