Your team needs MySalesDay™ every day!

Hey CRO…Head of Sales…Sales VP…

Whatever your title, your job is tough.  Your responsibilities are endless, and you’re pushed in many directions.  You wish you could spend more time with your sellers – helping open doors, closing sales, and developing skills – but the reality is different.

Why not empower your sellers with a 1-minute daily read from MySalesDay™ to help focus them for the day?

Subscribing your sellers and client-facing personnel to MySalesDay™ yields the following value:

  1. Skills focus.  Coverage of a broad rotation of core skills guides your team on selling best practices and strategic activation.
  2. Habit creation.  Daily recommendations reinforce positive and repeatable habits that drive consistent effort and high performance.  
  3. Emotional support.  MySalesDay™ relentlessly promotes positivity to help sellers feel confident and motivated.   
  4. Sales manager support. MySalesDay™ prompts teaching and coaching actions by you and your field managers.  Whether used to guide sellers individually or stimulate conversation and role-playing in group settings, MySalesDay™ is a powerful skill-development lever.

The price of MySalesDay™ is $100 per reader per 12-month subscription term and requires a $3,000 minimum expenditure.

MySalesDay™ is for sellers of ALL experience levels.  There isn’t a seller alive who is too tenured for skill and habit reminders.  (Don’t let your “know-it-alls” wiggle out!)  Some will be grateful for the reinforcement, and others will say, “…teach me more.”

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