Thursday, 18 July
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On this day, Nadia got a 10

You're Fantastic!

Sales is fulfilling as heck...most of the time. Other times it's just plain hard. Let's get you to fantastic because that's when you're at your best!

Today's featured audio boost!


It's okay if you don't always feel fantastic! You've come to the right place where the MySalesDay Boost Champions can pump you up.

Mary Love Mattox
Julie Rollauer
Matt Rosenberg
Paul Cassar
Mike Webber
Mary Love Mattox
Matt Rosenberg
Dana Dobbie
Phil Dobbie
Darin Leach
Phil Dobbie
Katie Barrett
Dia Marchionne

Your champions

  • When she’s not crushing it in real estate, Mary Love Mattox crushes her drives 200 yards down the middle. You’ve seen her name atop the leaderboard a long time.

  • Once a rock star, always a rock star: first, Mike Webber fronted a band and played a mean guitar, now he’s selling VR and working with AI and all that big data stuff.

  • In addition to her brilliant work as a sales enablement professional, Dana Dobbie is a hot chocolate aficionado. Note: Dana insists only closers get hot chocolate.

  • Paul Cassar is a King of Sales who loves riding his motorcycle when he’s not selling. Paul could talk to strangers in a park…and sell them the air.

  • She can do it all and has done it all: Julie Rollauer is a PRO’s pro who has sold gobs and now teaches. Julie leaves a rainbow wake wherever she goes.

  • With his voice, it’s easy to imagine Phil Dobbie cleaning up as a cold caller, but instead, he’s a prolific and entertaining podcaster on financial topics.

  • Sit right down and let Matt Rosenberg tell you a story. He did it successfully for Hollywood, and now crafts sales stories that can get Eskimos to buy ice.

  • Known as a sales badass herself, Katie Barrett ranks #1 globally for NOT taking no for an answer. But her soft side shows up when sharing photos of her perfect dogs.

  • Don’t be fooled by his accommodating approach, Darin Leach is a sales sniper who can close deals with animals and aliens, though he prefers selling to humans.

  • Have you ever seen a seller pick through a brick wall with a plastic spoon for an order? Watch Dia Marchionne closely…she’ll show you how.

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