Wednesday, 15 November
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To help create steadiness to your reactions, channel your emotion by using trigger words and phrases you can view throughout the day. "Flip out like a lunatic" should not be on your list.

You’ve been on this planet long enough to know what good and bad behavior looks like, so the key to maintaining a measured disposition is to look in the mirror. Watching others helps, too; modeling good behaviors works brilliantly.

If it helps, imagine Coach K is recording your every move. What does the video say about how you react and handle your emotions?

Writing down words and phrases that you can glance at throughout the day might be easier to remind you that this too will pass, and everything will be okay.

What about trigger words? "Chill" is pretty popular (so too is "Chillax"). Either way, your trigger phrase should not be something like… "Fly off the handle whenever possible."

Intensity and energy are important to bring to your sales day, but only if channeled correctly.

Do whatever you can to stay even-keeled and handle pressure and frustration…there’s no value in allowing your emotions to push you off your line.

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"I have a rule on my team: when we talk to one another, we look each other right in the eye because I think it’s tough to lie to somebody that way. You give respect to somebody." Mike Krzyzewski

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