Thursday, 21 December
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Video vs F2F Meetings

Skill + Do

It takes muscle, savvy, and creativity to get in-person meetings with prospects. The reward is obvious: physical interaction that will yield huge returns and maybe give you a leg up on your competition.

Getting F2F meetings with KDMs was hard enough before the pandemic, and it’s so much harder now that everyone is used to working anywhere and everywhere.

That’s okay…you’re up for the challenge, right? Appreciate this new ’24 initiative ("Getting in-person pitch meetings!") as another that will weed out the competition vying for your prospect’s time.

Adopting a "let’s meet in person" strategy will require you to raise your game and create business reasons why an in-person meeting is needed. You won’t succeed all the time, but even if you can replace some video meetings with in-person rendezvous, you’ll be that much ahead of others.

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"The social brain is in its natural habitat when we’re talking with someone face-to-face in real-time." Daniel Goleman

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