Wednesday, 24 April
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"I can't WAIT to prospect today."

Skill + Do

Of course, there are other things in your job you’d rather do, but nothing drives more results than prospecting. So what can you do to increase the time you spend creating interest in your offering?

Prospecting starts with attitude, as it only helps by repeating phrases like, "I can do this, I WILL do this." But it doesn’t get real until you start the DOing.

The sellers who continually hang out in the TOP 10% will tell you that prospecting perseverance is the number one skill needed to succeed in sales. (Objection handling is a close second.)

Ex-sales managers, sellers, and senior leaders have written much about prospecting. But it’s the psychologists who offer the best insights into how sellers like you can fight through prospecting aversion. You don’t have to spend time on a couch talking about your dreams, just appreciate a few truths about behavioral modification.

This is not a blame game. This is a change game. What will you change that commit you to spending more prospecting time?

Like deciding to have a good attitude, deciding whether or not you want to excel at prospecting is just that, a decision. Everything else – tactics, emailing best practices, networking – is just a list of stuff you have to do to reach your goals.

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"I was networking every day from 21 to 28 years old. I sent 10 letters a day, which means I reached out to 3,000 people in a year." Jesse Itzler

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