Tuesday, 4 June
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On This Day...shopping carts. (You read right.)

Skill + Do

Money is a pretty intriguing, eh? Everyone needs it, everyone wants it, everyone loves it.

For sellers, money has even more interesting implications than the average bear.

Sellers are driven by the almighty pursuit of commissions, and while that can drive healthy consumerism, all sellers worry about the day in the future when buyers stop buying. And that creates a deep motivation to save and invest.

Can you have it both ways? Can you scratch the "I want it now" itch while putting moolah away for a rainy day?

Darn right, you can.

It takes work, but you must figure out a balance for throwing your credit card around like a Nerf ball, and trading your commission checks for stocks and real estate.

The "how much?" and "what are my long-term financial goals?" are up to you. But if you over-index on one side or another, feelings of unfulfillment will set in.

Find your balance.

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June 17

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"Because I bought on sale, I actually made money." Anonymous.

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