Wednesday, 10 January
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Anatomy of a Sales Call (Part 2 of 2)

Skill + Do

It is undebatable that preparing agendas guarantees productive interactions. And yet, agendas prevent elements that may adversely affect your meeting intentions and goals.

In addition to the activities that agendas help you achieve in pitch meetings, some elements transpire in meetings that agendas prevent.

1. Agendas prevent professional derailers from hijacking the meeting. For those instances, try this line, "That’s all great, Mr. Prospect, would you like to keep talking about that or get back to our agenda (that’s sitting on the table)?"

2. Agendas prevent you from running out of time. Meetings are hard to get…manage your time correctly, and you may get another one with that customer. Agendas keep everyone on track.

3. Agendas prevent you from rambling and losing sight of what’s important for that meeting.

4. Agendas prevent customers from thinking you’re an amateur. Seriously. To be viewed as a professional – one who is trusted with big money – you must act like a professional. Agendas are simple, yet powerful actions that represent professionalism.

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"Even when we go back to having meetings in person, we will continue to incorporate a lot of the things we learned in virtual meetings to make sure we get the right engagement from all of our remote teammates." Andy Jassy

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