Wednesday, 3 January
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Knowing how many pitch meetings drove your Q1 ’23 revenue is a crucial number that will guide your prospect efforts for this year’s Q1. Once you have that number, you’ll be a prospecting machine!

If there’s one thing that will make you happy in the month of January – besides a big phat order landing – it’s seeing your Q1 calendar filled with pitch meetings.

As you know…you can never have enough meetings on the books.

Back in December, it was recommended you review how many pitch meetings you had in late ’22 and early ’23 that drove Q1 ’23 revenue. Figuring out that number is gold because it guides you on how many meetings you need to affect your Q1 ’24 rev.

The math is simple: determine how many days are in your sales cycle and then map how many meetings you had during that Q1 sales cycle last year. Compare it to what you have so far to affect your Q1 ’24 number and now you know your meeting goal for January (and maybe February, too).

The exercise is also helpful when determining whether your Top 20 KDM list aligns with where the money is. Don’t waste time getting meetings with anyone on that Top 20 list unless they can help you with Q1 revenue.

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"Motivation will almost always beat mere talent." Norman Ralph Augustine

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