Monday, 8 January
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Skill + Do

PPT slides are boring, and so too are emails; neither have the power to engage your customer emotionally. Change the predictability of your interactions by telling stories your customers will enjoy.

Email and PPT slides will continue to be your primary communication tools, but adding stories to your repertoire will create a new dimension of engagement and bonding between you and your buyers.

Think about engagement this way: do PPT slides potentially make buyers laugh? Do PPT slides get remembered? Do PPT slides move your customer’s emotions?

And, of course, the same applies to using email.

Stories engage humans and bond them emotionally. In a world of commoditized offerings and value props that all sound the same, telling stories to your buyers is a differentiator.

1. Keep your stories short. One to two minutes is all that is needed.
2. Create a good story to share about your weekend for your Monday interactions. Those personal stories will go far to bond you with your prospects.
3. Learn to frame your case studies and business anecdotes as stories…it’s all in the delivery. It’s all about how you tell the anecdote.
4. Follow the traditional story framework: intro, conflict, resolution, and payoff! The structure is important for your audience.
5. MOST importantly…tell your stories with enthusiasm and personality…that matters more than the content itself.

Always keep a few stories at hand ready to share…you’ll put smiles on their faces, and yours.

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"Most people haven’t used their storytelling skills since they were 8 or 9 or 10 and wanted to persuade Mom and Dad to take them to the ball game." Peter Guber

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