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Anatomy of a Sales Call (Part 1 of 2)

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Your buyer relaxes the second you present a formal agenda because they know you won’t waste their time. There IS no downside to using agenda, so get disciplined and do it!

"Why am I here?"

Assume that’s what your buyer asks themselves at minute one of your meeting.

If you can’t clearly present the purpose of your meeting, you’ll lose your buyer’s attention for that meeting…and perhaps forever.

Your sales game will improve the second you make a habit of creating agendas for every pitch meeting for three specific reasons:
1. It forces your detailed preparation for your interaction with the customer.
2. When shared with the customer beforehand, it creates a collaboration that guarantees meeting productivity.
3. When presented to open the meeting, it establishes your control and gains the buyer’s trust.

Focus your agendas on what the customer wants and needs from the interaction, not what you need. Don’t worry, you’ll get your licks in, but you must first earn their trust by proving you truly care about them, and them only.

There IS no downside to using agendas! And because time in front of your customer is the most sacred of all selling time, you owe it to yourself – and them – to prepare the right way.

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"Meetings should have as few people as possible, but all the right people." Charles W. Scharf

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