Friday, 20 October
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Time Management

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The best way to feel good about where you spend your time is to have something to show for it. Get into the habit of setting goals, and then you can tie your time spent to those initiatives.

If there were a magic elixir that could make you more productive, by now, you’d have watched the 45-minute YT infomercial and clicked.

But it doesn’t exist. There are no easy solutions to time management.

Sometimes, you’re fired up about being more productive, other times, you are happy at the pace you’re going. That’s fine. Self-created guilt or shame about time management is not good nor encouraged by MySalesDay.

At the same time, it’s smart to constantly talk about TM and promote ideas and approaches that help your productivity.

The only way to feel good about where you spend your time is to have something to show for it. The backbone of this principle is based on the core elements of strong time management skills:
1. Understand where you spend your time.
2. Build a disciplined scheduling system.
3. Set and manage goals.

There’s nothing more tangible for a salesperson than goals. But where most sellers get confused about setting goals – and thus, dismayed about time – is thinking all goals must be hairy and audacious.

They don’t.

Goals can be small, too, but they must be meaningful.

If you’re not a good time manager, that’s okay, you can keep working at it and find approaches that help. And if you’re exhausted by the Time Is Sacred topic, that’s okay too. Do the best you can. After all, you don’t punch a clock, right?

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“You can do two things at once, but you can’t focus effectively on two things at once.” Gary Keller

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