Monday, 23 October
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"I *value-speak* good..."

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Incorporating value-speak into your conversations guarantees you’ll succinctly present relevant benefit nuggets for your customers. They’ll appreciate you providing quick value prop takeaways.

Don’t expect your buyers to hang in there and stay attentive during your long statements and explanations…their ability to focus is only so strong. Translate your long answers into succinct benefit nuggets for them.

Use value speak to remind buyers of your benefit package so they can quickly and easily understand the WIFM: What’s In It For Me.

Your offering is layered with nuances, so it’s easy to get trapped thinking you must explain everything. But you don’t. You just have to explain why your customer needs to care and how they will benefit.

Value-speak is a great technique that can be mastered quickly to keep you focused on summarizing the benefits your customer needs to care about.

When you catch yourself rambling and don’t know how to stop, interrupt yourself and say, "So lemme summarize that long answer to you…here’s what you need to remember…".

If you sense your customer is drifting and you need to reel them back, you could say, "Here’s what you need to remember about all of that…".

And if you even want to poke fun at yourself, you could say, "Okay, so I rambled a lot there…lemme summarize all that for you."

Value-speak makes you focus on succinct and relevant benefit nuggets for your customers. For that, they most certainly will appreciate.

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"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value." Albert Einstein

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