Wednesday, 25 October
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"I'm checking in..."

Skill + Do

Buyers notice everything including your emails, your proposals, the way you speak to them and their assistants….everything. Tighten your game, and you tighten their trust in you.

While official stats aren’t kept, it’s fair to assume your buyers receive scores of emails each day from sellers "checking in" and "following up."

Sooooo, distinguish yourself and not write those words in your notes.

Differentiating yourself and your company from your competition means figuring out how to professionally and smartly present yourself to your customers. (Duh.) Start by focusing on what value you can provide to your customers, even when you only want to "follow up" for an update on your proposal.

Remember, it’s not about you, it’s about them.

Writing, "I’m emailing to check in…" is mostly about you.

Providing value earns trust, and of course, lots of good things happen when you earn the trust from your buyers:
1. Sellers who are trusted get access to KDMs, and a seat at the table where discussions occur about big dollars.
2. Sellers who are trusted get more information…the right information needed to present pinpoint relevant solutions to their customers.
3. Finally…. trusted sellers get bigger contracts!

Is it an exaggeration to assume not writing "I’m checking in…" will earn you immediate trust? No.

But you know the little things add up to big things. And yes, customers notice.

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"Like a five-star pizza, a good sales follow-up email is tempting, satisfying, and leaves a good aftertaste…and it never includes the words, "…just following up." Michael Hess

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