Tuesday, 3 October
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Objection Handling

Skill + Do

Buyers come to your meetings with questions, issues, and objections about your offering. Deal with each as a box-ticking exercise….address them academically.

While success in sales is contingent on a big tool kit, it is inarguable the following three skills are integral:

1. Objection handling: the skill to fight through brick walls with plastic spoons to get the deal.
2. Value proposition: the ability to present your company’s offering in a desirable and relevant way for the buyer.
3. Qualifying and probing: the dexterity to push and ask the right questions at the right time that get the customer to share information and collaborate with you.

Of these three, objection handling is the hardest because, in the minds of some sellers, it means introducing potential conflict. (And who wants conflict?) Some sellers misguidedly believe avoiding negative issues from buyer conversations is necessary, but that thinking is akin to stuffing your head in the sand and ignoring reality.

Your buyers have misperceptions and wrong impressions about your offering at any given time. That’s not a negative thing…it’s just a thing.

View objections as just one more item on an agenda you must tick the box for. Handling objections is not an emotional issue, it’s not an issue about ego…it’s just an academic exercise.

The buyer possesses everything from questions, issues, challenges, and objections in their head.

Don’t sit back. Address them.

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"Every sale has five basic obstacles: no need, no money, no hurry, no desire, no trust." Zig Ziglar

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