Monday, 30 October
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Skill + Do

Remind yourself that everyone in your life deserves your smile and your nice self. You’ll get what you need in return when you give them your best.

You’ve consumed tons of material in your life about how to switch on a good attitude, but these three quick and easy tricks do work:

1. Smile. Yep…it feels weird to force a smile, but you’ll notice that when you turn on your smile, it’ll trigger a fun memory. If smiling doesn’t launch a good memory, go into your phone and search for that one photo that contracts your cheeks.

2. Be nice. Make it a point to be nicer when replying to everyone you touch today – internal peers, higher-ups, prospects, clients…even the creep who looks at you weirdly when handing over your coffee.

3. Get back to your WINS JOURNAL and read some entries….better yet, record a few entries for the day…even if it’s not yet 6pm (which is when one normally records wins of the day).

If all else fails, remind yourself that everyone in your life deserves the above: they deserve your smile, and they deserve your nice self. When you give them your best, you’ll get what you need in return.

Happy happy joy joy!

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“Optimism is a happiness magnet. If you stay positive, good things and good people will be drawn to you.” Mary Lou Retton

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