Wednesday, 4 October
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Email Best Practices

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Email is a wonderfully efficient tool if you want to communicate with many people or need to distribute documents and links…otherwise, email is a communication nightmare.

Don’t fret if your email game needs an upgrade…that’s why you’re here.

Consider a few BPs (Best Practices) to get you on the straight and narrow:
1. Write short notes.
2. Try to avoid "conversing" through email! (Instead…"Hey, can we get on a phone or Zoom for 5 minutes and talk about that issue?")
3. State your intention clearly, and frame the reply so it’s a binary choice for the recipient: yes, or no.
4. Don’t use email to prospect.


Yes, you heard correctly. Don’t use email to prospect! Email is a lousy prospecting tool. (Prospecting is about networking, not breaking through cold walls with emails.)

Email is a wonderfully efficient tool if you want to communicate with many people, or need to distribute documents and links, or if you need to send back countersigned contracts (YAY). Otherwise, email is a communication nightmare. Why continue to rely on something that nobody likes…or uses?

In times when you must communicate through email, keep the notes absurdly short and your call-to-actions specific and answerable with a "yes" or "no."

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"I don’t believe in email. I’m an old-fashioned girl. I prefer calling and hanging up." Sarah Jessica Parker

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