Monday, 9 October
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Strategic Account Planning

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Writing a strategic plan for an entire year is hard unless you break it into chapters. Fortunately, the calendar helps by giving you four equal quarters of the year. Start first by planning for Q1.

Most sellers put a ton of energy into their quarterly account plans, and then the docs sit dormant in the cloud, getting lonely. (Those poor little planners…sitting alone in the cloud and unattended can not be fun.)

The purpose of all that strategic thinking you did for the quarter was to help you manage your selling activities throughout the quarter and year. While it’s tough to get visibility for the upcoming year where you currently sit in early Q4, you will still benefit from writing things down now. Clarity will come for each quarter by working through the same process focusing on revenue per account.

Start by asking yourself, "What is my revenue estimate per each account, and how am I going to get it? That question will lead you towards a needs analysis appraisal which will ultimately drive you towards people (KDMs) and obstacles.

Champion development starts today for your ’24 money, and your champs may not be folks you currently know. The champions will lead you to solving the obstacles on each account. But unless you take a snapshot of where you stand on each account now, you won’t be able to develop a prospecting and champion development plan.

You’ve heard the expression, "Plan the work, work the plan;" nothing more true could apply to how you need to make your strategic account planning live throughout the term.

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