Tuesday, 7 November
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Creating a powerful you is more interesting – and fulfilling – when you learn and take from a cast of virtuous and exemplary human beings!

There are tons of people in the world whose lives offer inspiration, but the key is not just to read about them…the key is to model them.

And whether Jeannette Rankin’s life inspires you right now, always keep your mind open to individuals you can learn from.

As you know – and are reminded daily right here – a life of selling professional services is hard and chaotic. Learning about how others have battled and won can only enrich and motivate your journey as you continue to battle.

There are no rules for picking your role models and motivators, but make sure you model them after selecting.

Learn how they battle and fight and why they believe as they do (or did). Sales is one of the few professions where you act mostly as an individual yet are part of a team. Team has two connotations: your teammates you sell alongside daily, and those who only support YOU. That team is key and consists of managers, enablers, peers, family…and perhaps heroes from the past like Jeannette Rankin.

Build a team that inspires you and then model them.

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"If I had my life to live over, I would do it all again, but this time I would be nastier." Jeannette Rankin

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