Tuesday, 12 December
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Sprint Through the Tape

Skill + Do

Your priorities for the next few days: plan for a fast start in January while allowing yourself to relax a bit and happily slide into the long break. You can do both, but it requires planning.

It is quite natural to feel burned out this time of the year. It’s been a long slog of a year, and you’ve worked hard.

But success in sales requires mental stamina as much as physical energy. You’re gonna get your break…it’s coming soon. Don’t waste the opportunity in the next few days to get yourself lined up for next year. Next year is only two and a half weeks away.

You’re probably wondering where you’ll get the energy you need to sprint through the finish this time of the year. The answer is simple: prioritize what needs to receive your attention. Spend thoughtful time on your To Do list – the final chapter of ’23 and the one for ’24.

You can still get organized and focused for January and enjoy yourself a bit these next few weeks, but you must be strategic. Ignore the inconsequential tasks and stuff you think need to happen and focus on what you must do.

To start the new calendar year strong, you must plan today!

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"The desire to rest is just weakness." Jocko

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