Wednesday, 13 December
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Leveraging Relationships

Skill + Do

Because everyone is waiting for next Friday, now is a great time to contact your KDMs and hit ’em up for a meeting in January. It’s so much easier to prospect when people are loose.

Think of how great you’ll feel when you open your calendar on January 2 to see a full slate of meetings for the year’s first month.

As you know, prospecting is a momentum game. It’s okay to go days without lifting your prospecting finger; but you must take advantage of the opportunities to prospect when momentum presents itself.

Now is a great time to give it one last boost for the year because your customers are doing exactly what you’re doing…they’re tidying up on the year and getting organized for the next.

You work hard to establish relationships, and for some with whom you have no relationship, now is the time to start one!

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"Meetings are indispensable when you don’t want to do anything." John Kenneth Galbraith

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