Thursday, 8 February
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Objection Handling

Skill + Do

A good objection handling strategy starts with getting the buyer to trust you and ends with you getting the buyer to live with your product’s warts, scars, and blisters!

Don’t get suckered by those so-called internet experts who invite you to watch their video and learn the 11 steps to handling objections. Their techniques are focused on yesterday thinking that doesn’t work for today’s discriminating buyers.

Objection handling is only hard if you don’t get the buyer to talk and share.

There’s not a buyer in this land who willingly states, "Yeah, good idea, let’s talk about the reasons I think your baby is ugly."

You’re not going to change anyone’s mind in one session….or even two sessions. Your approach to objection handling is merely to shrink the objection in the eyes of the buyer so your value appears irresistible.

A good OH strategy is based on learning whether the buyer can live with your product’s warts, scars, and blisters!

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“There is a universal law of human behavior: you cannot argue another person into believing they are wrong. The more you push another person, the more they dig their heels in and resist you.” Jeb Blount

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