Tuesday, 12 March
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Getting referrals

Skill + Do

Once you get inside an org, flip the switch that unleashes your referral monster. Ask every customer with whom you meet to help you meet others inside their org.

It is so much easier to get an appointment through a warm referral than to bang your head against the wall by cold-emailing prospects.

Writing "Jeff sent me" in the email header can do wonders in opening doors.

Once you get inside an org, turn on the referral monster that lives inside of you: ask for an intro to another buyer in the org at every meeting.

The asking is a good first step, but you’ll also want to qualify to learn insights about your new buyer. Ask your client friend to give you insights about the individual you’ll soon be meeting with…how about stuff like:

1. How much power (influence) does wield?

2. What do you know about <Susan’s> opinions and biases of offerings like ours?

3. What’s the working relationship between you and ?

Intros and information are powerful forces in sales. Tactics are important, too. Get as much upfront info as possible while your buyer-friend agrees to make an intro.

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"You create your opportunity by asking for them." Shakti Gawain

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