Friday, 19 April
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"I caught me that Spring Fever thing."

Skill + Do

Catching a Spring Fever is normal, but you should treat it just like you do a common cold…the faster you heal, the better your year will be. It’s April, but you’re in prime Q4 selling season.

Because Spring Fever can steal your focus and slow your momentum, you need to think about it like any other physical illness.

You spend a lot of energy trying to stay physically fit so you can stay in the game and compete at a high level, so it makes sense that you also stay psychologically strong.

At the same time, cut yourself slack and allow a breather here and there during spring; after all, it is a rejuvenating time of the year, and your bio-chemistry is re-loading for a long Q2-Q4 stretch. All the while, appreciate that you’re selling for Q4 right now, so you really don’t have too much leeway to goof off.

Tomorrow - June 25

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"Spring fever, spring is here at last. Spring fever, my heart is beating fast. Get up. Get out. Spring is everywhere." Elvis Presley

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