Monday, 8 April
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"I'm not sure I buy my VP."

Skill + Do

To excel in sales, you must learn to integrate elements of your scripted VP in all of your customer conversations. Even if you don’t love your company’s VP script, make it work.

Likely, your company’s value proposition is not as strong as you’d like it to be. Consider that for every seller in your org, there’s one unique perspective on what the VP should be.

But that doesn’t mean you should settle.

Indeed, it’s your job to get involved and provide feedback to your manager about how to improve the VP, but hell could freeze over before the org creates another version that’s more to your liking.

Deal with what you have and be responsible for making the current VP work.

Besides, the standard VP – including an elevator pitch plus three bullets that best outline your differentiators – is rarely presented in a linear way to your customers. To excel in sales, you must learn to integrate elements of your scripted VP in the language you speak that is relevant to the conversation.

Force yourself to talk about value even though you don’t like the current VP script. Get as creative as you need when using them with customers. They need to hear it over and over again!

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"A unique selling proposition is no longer enough. Without a unique selling talent, it may die." Bill Bernbach

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