Thursday, 23 May
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"Remind me how I WEED an objection?"

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Objection handling requires a measured approach to get the buyer to trust you. Not rushing to solve the objection means you’ll get more insights and truths that you’ll need to solve problems.

Buyers don’t share the full truth about how your offering fits because they don’t want to get hammered. AND, because it’s your responsibility – not theirs – to bring ’em the sticky stuff.

Most sellers hear an objection and they immediately rush to solve it. They hammer away at the buyer.

But if sellers took the opposite approach, the buyer might solve their objections themselves. At the least, the buyer might talk themselves into accepting your offering’s "warts" and "pimples."

Start with a question to get the buyer talking, then let ’em talk more. Feed their desire to be heard.

Try this question, "It’s normal at this stage in our discussions for you to be thinking about issues that could derail us…why don’t we get ’em out in the open so we can make progress?"

The first and most important part of objection handling should be to get the buyer to share the truth they feel about your offering. The solving comes later.

One thing is sure…if you don’t proactively invite your customers to talk about problems, they’ll keep hiding, and you’ll wrongly think you had a good meeting.

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"Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them." A.A. Wilne

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