Saturday/Sunday, June 10 - 11
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Do you stay balanced through the back-swing and rotate your hips through the ball strike? Do you like to sprint up the hills on your trail runs, or do you take it easy and maintain an even pace? And please confirm you wear a helmet on your exhilarating bike rides!

Hey…whatever your sport, do it today! Go have fun.

A maniacal workweek deserves a weekend reward. And if you’re ready for a new sport to get excited about, maybe today’s a good day to spend gobs of new money on the requisite equipment and tools. Treat yourself. It’s all under the banner of having fun…deserved fun.


So you got back from your bike ride, and you finished your farmer’s market visit with friends, and you shot a bunch of pars today…. and you still feel the itch to DO SOMETHING work-related.

Fine. (BTW, that’s quite A LOT of weekend fun you squeezed in! Good!)

Weekend work can be very productive because quiet time can drive higher levels of efficiency. Whatever you do, put a limit on your work. Set an alarm to make you efficient. There’s nothing worse than trying to get some work done on the weekend and failing.

Tomorrow - June 25

Did your competitor have a good Q2?

Today - June 24

"I thought that buyer LOVED me."

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June 22 - 23


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June 21

On this day, Jaws appeared in theaters

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"Weekends don’t count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless." – Bill Watterson

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