Monday, 10 June
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Get outa my way today!

Skill + Do

Re-start your engine and get back on the horse. (Of course, if you haven’t been off the horse, then change nothing.)

You’ll make many choices and decisions this week, but the most important is when you first open your eyes each morning.

Will you decide to have a productive, fulfilling day? …or will you kinda stumble around a bit? Will you decide to be positive? Or slap a negative label on everything?

Not feeling jacked about your job early on Monday doesn’t mean you’ve lost your mojo; it just means it’s Monday morning. Maybe all you need is a second cup of joe…or a few twists-n-turns on the yoga mat?

Either way, the neat thing about attitude is that the choice to have a good one is entirely yours. Anyone can have a great attitude on Friday afternoon, but what about Monday morning?

Contrary to widespread beliefs, you can control your attitude…much of that control starts by listing all the things that make you happy and proud.

Call ’em WINS or anything else, but at least try to raise your attitude today by working inside your WINS Journal.

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"Why is Monday so far away from Friday and Friday so bloody close to Monday?" Anonymous

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