Wednesday, 19 June
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Didn't we JUST have a weekly sales meeting last week???

Skill + Do

You may not think it’s your responsibility to create a productive weekly sales meeting… and you’re right…it’s NOT.

But it is your obligation to provide feedback and ideas for your manager. Like your parents, your manager doesn’t know it all…so why not help out?

So when your manager solicits ideas for group agenda topics, you should be the one to bring up scenarios that you recently experienced while in front of customers.

You bring up the desire to learn how teammates deal with product nuances, value prop customization, objections, and other issues at the root of what it means to be successful.

While you’re at it, you be the one to recommend that agendas be published days before the meeting so the group has time to think about strategic issues for all to discuss and debate.

You get what you deserve if you sit on your hands. Speak up.

Tomorrow - July 19

Stop saying "thanks for your time."

Today - July 18

On this day, Nadia got a 10

Nadia Com─âneci was playing for Gold medals; you’re playing for big commissions. Both of you know you need to be maniacal about the behaviors and habits that drive the results you want.

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July 17

"Me no afraid of sales angst!"

Sometimes fear can motivate sellers, and other times it can be crippling. And because you know occupational hazards don’t go away on their own, you have to create a plan for dealing with them.

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July 16

Who's NOT my champion buyer?

You know how to bond with anyone…you’re a pro. But the strength of your bond is determined by how you provide value for your Champion inside their world, not inside a bar.

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"If you’re trying to get ahead…appearing smart in meetings should be your top priority. This can be hard if you’re daydreaming about Mexico, margaritas, or queso cheese dip." Sarah Cooper

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