Thursday, 27 June
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Getting PIP'ed

Skill + Do

Remember that time as a child when you got into a minor fracas on the playground, and Mr. Big Bad ten-year-old, punched you? Remember?

Most likely, you cried. Maybe you even fled the scene. Getting punched taught you how it felt…and of course, you didn’t like it.

In sales, different kinds of punches get thrown at you constantly, eh?

The same applies to when you were on the playground: your reaction reveals a lot.

And while a PIP is a pretty good-sized punch, DO NOT for one-second entertain anything but a fight. Start by eliminating your emotional reaction and replacing it with a practical response.

1. Understand everything you possibly can about the performance issues. Assume culpability but through an analytical eye. What skills do you need to learn to improve performance?

2. Discuss how communication between you and your manager needs to improve so s/he understands how you are working. You may think you’re doing the things that directly lead to success, but you may benefit from specific coaching to help you get the desired results.

3. Give yourself a break…whatever you do, do not beat yourself up and decide you’re not a good seller. That’s not true at all. Apply grace to your self-judgment and recognize that your standing as a sales professional is not tied up to any one segment of time in your current role.

The sales life is a loooooooooong one and you don’t learn unless you get punched. Learn to take a punch and fight, and you’ll learn the formula for sales success.

Many in the TOP 10% have been PIPed…and even fired. Don’t feel so special! (ha)

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"Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm." – Sir Winston Churchill

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