Monday, 5 June
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Positive attitudes aren’t for sale down at the corner store, but you can pick yours up by doing one attitude pushup every morning. C’mon, get on the ground! You can do one pushup!

Start your engine, it’s Monday…again. You’ll make hundreds of choices and decisions this week, but the most important is when you first open your eyes Monday morning.

Will you decide to have a productive, fulfilling week? …or will you kinda stumble around a bit each day?

Not feeling jacked about your job early on Monday doesn’t mean you’ve lost your mojo or the marathon; it just means it’s Monday morning. Maybe all you need is a second cup of joe…or a few twists/turns on the yoga mat?

Either way, the neat thing about attitude is that the choice to have a good one is entirely yours. Anyone can have a great attitude on Friday afternoon, but what about Monday morning?

Are you an "ugh…m o n d a y!" person? Or are you a "YAY, MONDAY, let’s GO!!!!"? Either way, when that alarm sounds on Monday a.m., you’ll be off and running but won’t run fast or far without a good attitude. While you know it’s your choice whether you’ll have a good day, some sellers need a boost in the attitude department. That’s totally understandable.

You right now: "Yeah, uh-huh, but how do I GET a good attitude? Not only is it Monday, but it’s grey outside."

You might look at your fellow sellers and say, "How does that guy do it? How does that Johnny joker always maintain such a good attitude?"

First, stop comparing yourself to Johnny. Second, ask him if you want to know how Johnny does it. Third, while some are born with an innate ability to be positive, almost everyone else works hard at it.

The TOP 10% understand the need to develop attitude skills as much as other tangible sales skills like objection handling and qualifying. Since attitude is mostly a choice, decide right now you’re going to embrace today with enthusiasm…and a smile! Everything today…all day. A smile. An openness! Not just with your prospects and customers, but bring that good attitude you’re choosing with everything you do today!


Having something tangible to chart your wins is worth the three to five minutes of work you’ll commit each night when the day ends. Name it your WINS JOURNAL.

So you’ve heard about those things called gratitude journals, eh? Today, create and start contributing to your WINS Journal. It’s basically the same thing as a gratitude journal, but a WJ is specifically for sellers who have earned the right to beat their chest and record accomplishments of the day.

After the day settles, create a cloud sheet and write three to four anythings you consider as wins that occurred that day. Set up your journal page in whatever way best works for you, but be sure to write a quick one to two-sentence commentary on what happened and why it was a win! Regular WJ usage will remind you of your daily achievements and help you maintain a positive attitude.

Do you ever get to the end of your 37-hour day and exhaustingly wonder, "…what in the heck did I achieve today?" In a world as fast as yours, working with tons of details daily, it’s important to feel accomplished at the end of the day. The power of using a WINS Journal – your personal and private WJ – is irrefutable.

Having something tangible to chart your wins is worth the three to five minutes of work you’ll commit each night. Your brief win summaries shouldn’t command a lot of words, but it does require you to be specific enough so that, weeks and even months from today, you’ll read today’s entry and understand what exactly made your win so important. Little victories add up to big gains.

The best way to set up a WJ is to have a cloud sheet on your desktop that you can open each night at 6 pm. First, head to your calendar and set an invite for nighly 6pm WJ sessions; include a couple of reminders for 15 and 30 minutes ‘cuz you may need a couple of jabs to pull away from whatever you’re doing. Set it up like a diary with markers for dates, wins, and notes; the formatting is something you’ll figure out that works for you.

Your WJ can empower you in numerous ways: when building your quarterly goal plan! When reviewing your overall progress at the end of each quarter. And what about when you’re talking to your manager about compensation or promotion opportunities? And finally, what about the good mood and associated strong attitude the WJ can help you sustain? The value is limitless. You just gotta do it.

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"Why is Monday so far away from Friday and Friday so bloody close to Monday?" -Anonymous

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