Wednesday, 10 July
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My product's got 154 features

Skill + Do

It is a tired myth that you must know everything about your product. Your customers will benefit more when you help them define what they want from your offering and how it can benefit them.

Having a deep and broad aptitude for your product is great, but it means nothing without the ability to translate features into benefits.

When discussing your product in customer pitch meetings, push yourself to focus on benefits by using the "So What…!" trick. It works.

The "So What…! bubble is a trigger.

When you launch it and see it floating above your head, finish the sentence aloud for the customer. "SO WHAT this means to you is X, Y, and Z."

Or, "So WHAT YOU should interpret from that product description is that you’ll be able to do A, B, and C with our product."

And if you really want to show off, you could say something like this, "You’re probably now asking, ‘SO WHAT’? …so what does this mean for me? Here’s what it means to you."

The great thing about the "So What…!" move is that it saves you when you fall deep into the abyss of talking too much about processes, product features, etc. You may need to talk about that stuff oi your pitch meetings, but it can’t overtake the time you talk about value and benefits for the customer.

The SO WHAT trick only works when you hit the start button. You’ll find that button on a Post-it note that you create with the words "So What…!" on it. That Post-it note should be stuck on your monitor and in your notebook.

Tomorrow - July 19

Stop saying "thanks for your time."

Today - July 18

On this day, Nadia got a 10

Nadia Com─âneci was playing for Gold medals; you’re playing for big commissions. Both of you know you need to be maniacal about the behaviors and habits that drive the results you want.

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July 17

"Me no afraid of sales angst!"

Sometimes fear can motivate sellers, and other times it can be crippling. And because you know occupational hazards don’t go away on their own, you have to create a plan for dealing with them.

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July 16

Who's NOT my champion buyer?

You know how to bond with anyone…you’re a pro. But the strength of your bond is determined by how you provide value for your Champion inside their world, not inside a bar.

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"Any damn fool can make something complex, it takes a genius to make something simple." Peter Seeger

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