Thursday, 4 July
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Happy Independence Day

Skill + Do

The sales job is not rigid, nor is it linear. The sales job can be amorphous and come with a lot of flexibility. This is a good week to reflect on that and celebrate your independence.

Light some fireworks. Eat a bunch of hot dogs. Play frisbee or corn hole.

Take it a step further and put on a favorite recording of Grand Ol’ Flag.

Read a Wikipedia entry about one of the Founding Fathers.

Wear red, white, and blue (or your country’s colors).

However you celebrate Independence Day, realize that your career and job are worth all the hard work you devote to it. You have a strong career and future as a sales professional…keep fighting.

Tomorrow - July 19

Stop saying "thanks for your time."

Today - July 18

On this day, Nadia got a 10

Nadia Com─âneci was playing for Gold medals; you’re playing for big commissions. Both of you know you need to be maniacal about the behaviors and habits that drive the results you want.

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July 17

"Me no afraid of sales angst!"

Sometimes fear can motivate sellers, and other times it can be crippling. And because you know occupational hazards don’t go away on their own, you have to create a plan for dealing with them.

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July 16

Who's NOT my champion buyer?

You know how to bond with anyone…you’re a pro. But the strength of your bond is determined by how you provide value for your Champion inside their world, not inside a bar.

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"For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others." Nelson Mandela

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