Wednesday, 16 August
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Admitting Mistakes

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Admitting mistakes will get you closer to your clients versus handing them 50-yard line seats to the Super Bowl. (Even if it comes with the foam finger.) Buyers want honesty above all else.

Atoning for one’s sins is kinda baked into the DNA, right? Some folks instinctively know how to sincerely apologize, others have an "I’m sorry" chip inserted into their brain: they’re sorry for everything.

Everyone operates in this world with different guardrails and boundaries: what’s acceptable behavior for you might be unacceptable to someone else. You might see a seller friend do something you deem egregious, yet they feel totally fine with it.

But there’s rarely a grey area when it comes to making a business mistake. You goofed! Okay, big deal. Your action probably didn’t do irreparable damage, so stand as tall as you can and say, "YES, I made a mistake, and I will stand by it."

If admitting your mistakes and summarizing the learning nugget is not enough for you, consider reciting the Seller’s Apology Manifesto, which has to be recited in one breath:

"I’m gonna bungle a lot of sh%t on my accounts and can’t blame my <manager/client/CEO> for their shameful and inflated reaction. They are small people, and if they could only hear themselves being irate that my mistake cost $1,000,000. I mean, get over yourself."

That oughta help ya.

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“I will never have greater respect than for the man that realizes he was wrong and graciously admits it without a single excuse.” -Dan Pearce

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