Monday, 21 August
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Handling Frustrated Clients

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You possess the magic wand to eliminate your client’s frustration. Save the stamp on the "I’m sorry" Hallmark card; human interaction is the best way to calm your clients.

You’ll inevitably have to deal with frustrated clients at some point in your transactions or relationships. "Stuff" happens.

Don’t panic. These situations are never as bad as the bad breath that comes out of your clients’ mouths. These situations present opportunities to create deeper understanding and relationships.

When you feel frustrated – or even seething – regarding a service issue or some part of a transaction, what do you want?

It’s circumstantial, right? Regardless of the situation, you want to be heard.

So the next time you are in a situation where one of your clients is seething, try opening with this line: "I know you are frustrated, and you have a right to be…tell me about it. What’s going on?"

And then. SILENCE. And after you’ve been silent…don’t talk.

It will be hard not to say anything, but wait until you know the customer is finished. Like a baby crying itself to sleep, your buyer will calm down and feel heard. Good. The repair work can then begin.

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"Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning." – Bill Gates

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