Wednesday, 23 August
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Pipeline Management

Skill + Do

You look at some of your opps and know inherently they’re dead. So….cut bait. It’ll clear your head and allow you to focus on closing the opportunities in your pipeline that have a real chance.

Inarguably, you’d rather be stuck in traffic versus working inside of your CRM’s pipeline section. What’s fun about looking at rows of data?

But the accuracy of your data, and your total revenue haul for a quarter, reveals a lot about your sales competencies. Your sales manager doesn’t care if you have 100 opportunities versus 10. What your sales manager cares about is whether your data is true. And what’s true or not is a big indicator of your ability to work an account.

Your activities can be measured through the contact management side of your CRM house, but the opportunity section reveals the only thing your manager cares about. Sure, if the ratio of meetings to opportunity dollars is way off with you versus other reps on the floor, your manager should help you with that, but those ratios are rarely far off.

There are three questions you should keep in mind when working to create a true opportunity pipeline:
1. When is the buyer going to buy?
2. How much are they planning on buying?
3. What are the obstacles that stand in the way of them buying?

If you ask your customer those questions – and get honest answers – your pipeline will be true.

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"I don’t pay to have my dirty work done for me…I do it myself." – Ted Nugent

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