Wednesday, 30 August
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Objection Handling

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No matter what you sell, the same gravitational laws apply: move the customer as quickly through the process as possible. The reason sellers get strung out by buyers is they don’t ask the hard questions… mainly about the issues and misperceptions that can decay into objections.

Everything’s great at the beginning of the sales process, and then as you move together down the path with your prospect, opinions and perceptions are formed about everything and anything. Every part of your offering is getting hyper-analyzed and micro-judged.

But objections aren’t scary monsters; they’re just issues. Objections aren’t owned by buyers; they’re rented. Your job is to kick ’em out onto the street, out of the minds of your buyers. But know that other objections can move into your customer’s heads.

You work in a dynamic industry hawking an offering with many moving parts…and customers’ situations change by the minute too. This is all the more reason to obsessively check for objections and issues at every turn and with every customer representing a decision.

Tomorrow - June 20

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"I have stood on a mountain of no’s for one yes." – Barbara Smith (aka B. Smith)

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