Wednesday, 13 September
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"I don't know"

Skill + Do

Developing an "I don’t know" strategy to buyer’s questions includes courage and qualification skills. Understand why buyers ask certain questions, and you’ll learn valuable insights.

The more honest and authentic you are in your conversations with buyers, the more apt you will get honesty and real insights in return.

After the standard, "I’ll find out more for you," go further.

Follow up with something like this: "…maybe you could talk a bit about the significance of that question?" Or, "…tell me a bit more about where that question is coming from." And if you really want to be bold, "So, I’m curious why you’re asking that question?"

Be bold. Most of the time, bold gets rewarded.

Most likely, your manager doesn’t expect you to know everything about your software, service, or product…but you are expected to know how to qualify and understand buyer motivations.

It goes without saying, BUT, in those instances when you don’t know something and have to get back to the buyer – and you HAVE qualified them to understand their motivations – run like hell to get trained on the issue so the next time you don’t have to say, "I don’t know."

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"Admission of ignorance is often the first step in our education." – Stephen Covey

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