Wednesday, 19 June
Today's Topic
Didn't we JUST have a weekly sales meeting last week???

Yes, selling is hard…but MySalesDay will help!

Where did you get your selling inspiration today?

Do you get anything of value from your feed?  (Nah…inspiration and tips to help you sell more doesn’t live there!)

What about your sales manager?  (So you’re taking the fifth on that one, eh?)

Sales is a brutally harsh and challenging profession…forget about thriving, just to survive you have to source tangible ideas and recommendations that you will use for your advantage.   And of course, your study and devotion to your craft needs to be continual because you’re not just playing to survive the day, you’re in it to win over your entire career.

A subscription to MySalesDay helps you stay focused and dedicated to habits and skills that, when leveraged regularly, guarantee your success.

MySalesDay offers many benefits you can not find anywhere else:

  1. Timely and consistent: it’s in your box every morning helping you add focus to your day.
  2. Actionable selling techniques and best practices add to your personal playbook.
  3. Inspiration to help you battle the fluctuations of a selling life inundated by minutiae, distractions and obstacles.

MySalesDay is your daily habit buddy that’ll require 2-minutes of your time each morning…a small price to pay to invest in your career and help you hit your quota!  Get your contact info in the boxes below and prepare to watch your selling muscles grow.

See ya tomorrow!

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