Wednesday, 19 June
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Didn't we JUST have a weekly sales meeting last week???


You look forward to your weekly sales meeting because you’re happy to see your peers and learn about anything that might help you sell better. Heck, you might even get inspired along the way.

…and then, the meeting starts and so too do the cheese dip daydreams. Pffft….all good intentions are out the window.

The good news is you have successfully diagnosed the problem: you just don’t care to listen to other sellers engage with your manager about their deals.

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At the end of your next 1:1 with your manager, ask, "I need to talk to you about something I care about…how open is your mind?"

If allowed, continue with this, "How pleased are you with our weekly group sales meetings?"

Hear your manager’s answer before suggesting that the weekly meetings are not the best time and place for individual pipeline reviews.

Then, try this line: "Personally, the meetings would benefit me a lot if we spent more time on strategic selling issues, common objections, and tricky selling scenarios."

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You can make many recommendations to help your manager create productive weekly sales meetings, but the one featured in this snippet is NOT one of them. (As fun as it looks.)

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"If you’re trying to get ahead…appearing smart in meetings should be your top priority. This can be hard if you’re daydreaming about Mexico, margaritas, or queso cheese dip." Sarah Cooper

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