Monday, 24 June
Today's Topic
"I thought that buyer LOVED me."


"I don’t get it…we had a rip-roaring time right before Memorial Day, but the buyer’s been a ghost since then."

Yeah…it happens.

Sometimes, you catch one at the right time, share a few yucks, and rapport builds beautifully. Other times, well…pffft… nothing happens.

Here are a few relationship building truths:
1. Nobody owes you anything in exchange for a few drinks or a game.

2. Always bring the value…even when you’re in social selling mode. Then you can say, "I took a whack… the time was productive."

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Today, double down on injecting value in all of your outreach and interactions with your customers.

If you’re at a bar, on the course, at a conference, writing an email, at a cafe, pitching for the first time – no matter where or what – focus on bringing the value.

It’s not just your charming personality that builds relationships; it’s what you do to make your customer’s life easier that makes the difference.

Overindex on the BTV thing!

Say it aloud: "Bring the Value"!

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Quick, what’s the opposite of value selling?

Manipulative hucksterism???

Sure…why not? Go with that!

And it’s never been on better display than in the movie Tin Men, a sleeper comedy featuring the sleazy lives of door-to-door aluminum-siding salesmen. (Yes, aluminum-siding.)

Watch this fun clip to see what it looks like to NOT sell value.

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“Make friends first, make sales second, make love third. In no particular order.” Michael Scott, The Office.

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