Wednesday, 17 January
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KDMs vs. Influencers

Skill + Do

Don’t take no from someone who can’t say yes – probe to uncover how much power each of your buyers possess.

A crusty old sales mantra suggests you should treat all buyers as queens and kings. And hey, sometimes old, crusty sales mantras carry a lot of weight and stand up over time…as this one does.

It’s smart to treat everyone on the buy side like royalty…but that doesn’t alleviate the burden of finding out how much decision power each buyer wields. Until you know who on the buy side can say "yes" and who can’t, you risk spending time with those who won’t ultimately matter in the decision process.

Stop assuming everyone you work with on the buy side has equal decision power. They don’t. And stop assuming that titles infer decision power…often they don’t.

Don’t take no from someone who can’t say yes.

The easier route is to find out where the decision power is on each account and spend your time appropriately.

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"Respect is how you treat everyone, not just those you want to impress." Richard Branson

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