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On This Day: Jack LaLanne

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Jack was more than a nutrition nut, a label slapped on him by some lazy folks. Understand his story and be inspired to push yourself…there’s always more in that tank of yours.

Jack LaLanne represents three really important things for sellers to keep top of mind:

1. Maintain strong physical fitness. Obviously, selling is mentally taxing, and physically grueling too. The more fit your body is, the better you can stay sharp and focused for your customers.

2. Sustain your mental discipline. Jack was an incredibly focused and committed man who, as a young child, suffered from headaches and bulimia. He became, in his words, "born again" about nutrition and started working out every day…AT AGE 13! Said Jack, "I had to take my lunch alone to the football field to eat so no one would see me eat my raw veggies, whole bread, raisins, and nuts. You don’t know the crap I went through".

3. Work hard at having a positive attitude. Jack’s attitude drove him to be handcuffed and shackled while he towed 70 boats and 70 people a mile and a half through Long Beach Harbor…at the age of 70!

One more note about Jack (he’s easy to write about). Jack was an entrepreneur. In 1936, he opened the nation’s first health and fitness club in Oakland, CA, where he offered supervised weight and exercise training and gave nutritional advice.

Doctors advised their patients to stay away from his clubs because they were a business totally unheard of at the time. Also, doctors warned that "LaLanne was an exercise ‘nut,’ whose programs would give people heart attacks and make them lose their sex drive."


Jack LaLanne was a treasure – study him. Be inspired by him. DO like him!

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“If it tastes good, spit it out!” Jack LaLanne

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