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It is said laughter is a potent tonic, and nothing is more true for sellers constantly running hot. Intensity and focus are good, but so too is a good belly laugh… for you and your customers.

Check out this item reported in Harvard Business Review back in 2014…

In a presentation for one of his courses, MBA candidate Eric Tsytsylin claimed working adults are “in the midst of a laughter drought.” Babies laugh, on average, 400 times a day; people over 35, only 15. A recent study of Gallup data for the U.S. found that we laugh significantly less on weekdays than we do on weekends. Work is a sober endeavor.

That article and data are TEN YEARS OLD. (Gulp.) The pressures and stress of your day have become exponentially more complicated since then.

In the so-called old days, those hawking professional goods and services were relationship sellers. (Looooong liquid lunches and lots of "yuks.")

While nobody wants to go back to the Mad Men era, there remains a strong need for relationship selling, it just needs to be manifested in different ways.

Given the daily roller coaster ride star sellers like you take daily, a brief and powerful jolt of humor could make a big difference. As everyone knows, laughter relieves stress and boredom…even for a few seconds. That small break can lead to attitude changes that positively affect your activities for the rest of the day.

When you take it upon yourself to shine a little light for others, it comes back to you twice as strong. You don’t have to be as funny as , but you can try!

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"I’m always very fearful when academics get ahold of comedy. Comedy is such a clear thing – people laugh, or they don’t laugh. It’s involuntary. I’m not saying it can’t be scrutinized, it’s just that they take the enjoyment out of it." Lorne Michaels

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