Tuesday, 17 October
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Skill + Do

Some days, prospecting is easy, and you can go for hours, other days, mmm, not so much. How you prospect is up to you, but you must figure out what kind of prospecting approaches work best!

FACT: you need to be in the right mind frame to prospect.
FACT: sometimes, you must force yourself into that mindset.

One might refer to that as a form of discipline, one might also chalk it up to fear, as in… "I gotta prospect, or my pipeline will shrink."

Either or.

You’ve tried the time-blocking trick of reserving time on your calendar…and sometimes it works, but sometimes it doesn’t. That’s okay. While you need to get in the right mindset to prospect, you must also figure out what prospecting format works best for you.

Some sellers run the red light whenever they see that 30-minute "Prospect" block on their schedule. Others never reserve time on their calendar yet figure out how to do some prospecting regularly. (Good for those folks!)

The point is to find out what works best for you…and do it repeatedly.

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"Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have 24-hour days." ZIg Ziglar

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