Friday, 27 October
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Health Management

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The TOP 10% attain their consistent level of performance because they understand they’re running a marathon. And, to succeed in the marathon sales game, you must stay in the race!

You don’t need a lecture on the benefits of exercise, eating right, and watching your sugar and booze…you’ve heard it all.

What about the argument about stress and the invisible pressures your job puts on your mind and body?

Sales is a hard, hard job. It requires mental and physical strength and stamina that non-sellers don’t understand. But you get it…because you feel it. Day in, day out…you feel the rigors of the sales life. You love it, but you know it takes its pound of flesh. (You try to explain this to your family and friends who aren’t in sales, but they don’t understand.)

It’s okay for you to feel wiped out on Friday afternoons. It’s okay for you to stare at the walls on Saturdays. But it’s not okay to continue on a path of unhealthy living, especially if it hinders your sales productivity.

To succeed in sales, your body, mind, and psyche must be in sync and working as powerfully as possible.

If you can’t quite seem to get to that place of peak performance because of health issues, find folks who can help you. They exist. And your career is worth it.

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“If you think lifting is dangerous, try being weak. Being weak is dangerous.” Bret Contreras

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