Monday, 13 November
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Skill + Do

If you want to deny the bots and AI the shot at taking your job, don’t act like ’em. Show that fantastic, fun, spirited human that you are to your clients.

As a buyer, what would be more compelling and enjoyable: being pitched by someone energetic, happy, positive, and excited to talk to you about their offering? Or… meeting with a rep who drones on and on and offers no visible cues about how they feel…about anything?

The answer is obvious.

How charisma is exhibited changes from person to person, but the germane issue is determining what it means to you in a selling context. Experts will posit that one can develop and grow certain traits, and proof of that is how much more charismatic you are today versus yesterday.

Part of that is due to accumulated experience that leads to confidence and a strong sense of worth, and part of it is being a little older and relaxing in your own skin. Good on either side.

If you want to repel the bots and AI from taking your job, don’t behave like ’em. Show that fantastic, fun, spirited human that you are to your clients. They’ll gravitate to you, and you’ll have more fun with you at the same time.

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"I’m really tall when I stand on my charisma." Harlan Ellison

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