Monday, 6 November
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Skill + Do

Ambition? Innate or acquired? YES. Focus on what drives your ambition, and you’ll feel the fire building. Everyone is ambitious, but it must align with what fulfills you.

Ambition + how badly do you want it + fearlessness = getting what you want.

On the other hand, it’s not a bad thing if you don’t want to be the CRO of your org. Heck, it’s not bad if you don’t know what you want after the current role you’re in. Also, it’s quite normal when you’re ambition wavers and twists in the wind. Don’t let that unnerve you. (Sales is freakin’ hard.)

This is when every ambition expert will urge you to get back to the basics: determine what you want and create a plan to go get it. It’s okay if it changes from time to time…it should. It will.

Do not beat yourself up if you can’t figure out what you want; perhaps striking things from the list of what you don’t want might help. Put everything up for grabs, including material possessions, career tracks, income aspirations, and job functions.

Eventually, you will need to answer the what do I want? question. You’ll get your ambition in full gear when you find the answers.

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"Big results require big ambitions." Heraclitus

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