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Q4 Goal Appraisal

Skill + Do

Revenue goals are foundational to what drives you daily. (Yup…check!) But it’s the skill dev goals you set for yourself each quarter that drive your growth and development as a sales pro.

There is the goal you chase each quarter with $s attached (a.k.a. your "quota"), and then there are other goals.

Those other goals are what you need to be consumed with because they drive the behaviors that get you to your quota! You need to set goals for specific accounts and skill goals, too.

So, assuming you did this for Q4, appraise your performance today, and determine which skills you want to work on next year. Appraising your Q4 goals will give you insights on what to work on next year. Here’s a partial list (all are covered by MySalesDay routinely):
+ Prospecting
+ Objection Handling
+ Negotiating
+ Qualifying
+ Presenting
+ Listening
+ Probing (questions)
+ Email Best Practices

The list goes on, and all of them matter. But you won’t get anywhere unless you set and measure goals every quarter. That starts with writing them down.

Achievement measurement criteria for a skill like "objection handling might look like this:
1. Create a list of anticipated objections ACME will have for my proposal.
2. Role-play the conversation dealing with the objection with teammates.
3. Observe and gauge the reaction from ACME client by their willingness to collaborate regarding the objection/challenge.
4. Use specific qualifying questions with ACME KDMs to understand how proposed solutions moved them past their objections.

If you actually do* the work listed by those four criteria, you’ll be on your way toward learning how your efforts correlate with results and skill growth.

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"The question isn’t who’s going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me." —Ayn Rand

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