Tuesday, 5 December
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Your *Closed-Lost* Insights

Skill + Do

Understanding why your buyers buy is one of the more challenging yet fulfilling parts of being a sales pro. Every buyer and sale is different; learning all you can to help for the next time is key.

Think of the leverage you’d have if you knew everything about why a buyer didn’t buy. Sure, there are lots of reasons why they don’t buy, but you don’t need to know all of them; you merely need to find out which ones are the most important.

Table stakes include things like timing, fit, need, etc. But those are variables much easier to manage versus issues that are harder to uncover and more nuanced.

What about connecting with a buyer? Literally, it suggests you didn’t get access to the KDMs you needed. But the next layer might imply you and a KDM weren’t communicating as effectively as needed.

Who knows? It could have been personality or stylistic differences. But you can’t just move on and keep your head buried; it’s your job to figure out how to solve it. And to address what skill issues you need to develop so that losing business doesn’t become habitual.

Obviously, losing creates a massive learning opportunity. Everything – and anything – you learn is insightful and will help you the next time. And the good news is there’s always a next time.

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"You only lose when you don’t learn from the loss." Kylie Francis

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