Friday, 16 February
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On This Day, John McEnroe was born

Skill + Do

You’ll only cash big commission checks if you bring sophisticated skills and knowledge to your customers, and that means you have to push yourself to learn and master different skills.

John McEnroe was known for his shot-making, volleying skills, and epic matches with rivals including Jimmy Connors and Björn Borg.

His on-court antics place him atop the pantheon of sports brats…so much so he earned the nickname "Johnny MacBrat."

Regardless, Mac is the only male player since the inception of the ATP rankings in 1973 to simultaneously hold the world No. 1 rankings in both singles and doubles. And that is the definition of a real professional…the ability to excel in all areas of the game.

To be #1, Mac spent hours and hours on the practice court to be excellent at every aspect of his sport.

To be excellent at sales, you must do the same. Push yourself away from mundane tasks and responsibilities and get the practice in. And if menial and non-essential selling activities bury you, demand that your manager teach you how to elevate so you can work on your skills.

What’s going to earn you big commission checks? Excelling at replying to emails? Or learning how to manage difficult customers and handle objections?

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"There was a line call that didn’t look so great. I went ballistic. Called the umpire a jerk. Whacked a ball into the stands. Then smacked a soda can with my racket, and got soda all over the King of Sweden, who was sitting in the front row." John McEnroe

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